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Win New Customers With Cost-effective A-boards
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weather resistant a-board

An a-board is an inexpensive way to promote special offers and promotional sales for your products or services. Whether you're an independent restaurant, a small DIY business or a memento company, buying a high quality a-board will assist you market yourself to the outside world. This article takes a look some of the crucial benefits of show boards and how they can assist you to maximize your sales in the significantly competitive company world.

A boards are particularly cost-effective and practical; they can help your advertise your products and services to the outside world for a minimal cost. After you have bought a boards for sale, you can display your brand name message in a wide range of settings, from offices and store windows to supermarkets and neighborhood centres. If you want more ideas on a-boards 0 44 2 you'll discover a far more particulars listed over here pavement sign inexpensive.

An A board is helpful when you are marketing a special promotional offer such as a '2 for 1' deal or other price cuts. If you are promoting an unique offer such as a portion sale or a '2 for 1' deal, using a board signs will assist you to bring in more consumers. Low-cost A boards are likewise extremely versatile; they can be positioned near the entrance of your business properties to assist you expose your items and services to individuals walking by.

An additional essential advantage of using an A Frame is that it is easy to transport to various areas and can be folded away quickly and without problem. An a-board show is very easy to deliver to different locations due to its outstanding mobility. For instance, you may decide to place your A-board near the entrance to a busy railway station during the morning, to optimize your audience before moving it to an additional location during quieter periods of the day.

Possibly you are a micro company concealed away in a quiet corner or you merely haven't discovered much success in various other advertisement approaches. Whatever your reasons, now is the time to think about buying a-boards for sale to let everybody understand about your brand name and exactly what you have to offer them. Choosing a board sign is lucrative investment since it will allow you to market yourself for one little expense.

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A Frames provide a fashionable means for business to market themselves and can also assist to improve the visual appeals of a public area if they are designed with the right selection of framing and color. A high quality Silver A Board, for instance, is produced with aluminium and covered steel and will remain in an outstanding condition for lots of years to come, even when placed outdoors. A Silver A Board or any various other a-board is light enough to move immediately but heavy enough to hold up against the unpredictable British weather, whether it weighes rain, snow or high winds.

When individuals walking past your company find an unique offer that interests them, they are a lot more likely to visit your local business and investment other products that they would not have gotten if you hadn't bought a sign board. For example, if you are the owner of a bistro, a simple ad for an unique offer such as '3-course menu for £12' could assist draw clients who want a quick, low-cost meal without having to review a detailed menu, which is even more time consuming.

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Make additional income by giving people a clear idea of your items and services as they walk by. Definitely, the cost of purchasing A Black Board can be heavily outweighed by the additional sales that you make by connecting to more clients. Although the quantity of extra sales you make will rely on how you get your message across to your audience and where you position your sign board.

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Are Snap Frames Right For your Company?
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Chances are your company has something to speak about, and snap frames can help you express it. These kinds of frames are easy to make use of poster displays that come in a selection of sizes and are designed to become fast and simple to utilize. From an A4 information display to a large and eye catching A0 poster, you are going to find these frames are versatile and have many uses for a business.


A handy way to display information

The frames are often made of aluminium and therefore are light but tough wearing. They generally have mitred edges that both seem neat and allow for every side of the frame to get removed. That implies that unlike traditional frames, once they're mounted you can easily open the front to alter information, making them very hassle-free. Drop by and see this excellent website to learn more related to Aluminium A2 Snap Frames .

You are able to attach your frames on many walls making use of either screws or double sided tape. Which kind of fixing you use will rely on your wall as well as the best way to stick your frame to it. Many have the appropriate sized anchoring screws as part of the package deal. You can also purchase frames specially designed to get installed on a window or clear glass door utilizing powerful double sided tape and allowing for a two sided display. Several sign-post style floor standing frames also come with snap closures for ease of use.

Placing information into your frame couldn't be simpler. Simply snap open one or even more sides of the frame, and put your information in between the backing board and the transparent top cover, then snap shut again. A number of suppliers also sell a specifically created tool to make it even less difficult to snap the frame open.

Useful for many kinds of businesses

Snap frames have numerous functions for companies. They're able to effortlessly be installed on doors or walls, or floor standing ones can be employed wherever you want. Since it's so simple to alter the details within them they're convenient for situations where you will need to alter information frequently but do not need to spend ages wrestling with an unwieldy display. This convenience makes them excellent for businesses that need to alter info regularly, such as cinemas displaying different movies and showing times, bars or restaurants displaying special offers, and retail stores drawing attention to exclusive offers. As well as regularly altering information, they're fantastic for any kind of details that you need to display at a pos. This could incorporate cafe or pub menus, information about product returns at customer service desks or instructions to different departments in companies which have a great deal of guests.

This type of frame can also be fantastic for window information for shops, restaurants, leisure centres, tourist attractions or public buildings like your local library or museums. Opening hours can effortlessly be displayed in addition to any special information that guests need to know.

Snap frames are a versatile and hard wearing way to show information of all kinds, making them a cost efficient and handy choice for a wide range of businesses.

The zoo «mental dinosaurs»
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In total the change in the social and economic climate in our country is large and clumsy, important and arrogant large enterprises have failed to adapt and most of them are extinct or extinct. And small, flexible and simple cooperators, entrepreneurs, businessmen survived and some have even become oligarchs.


But extinction is gradually its course. Many mental dinosaurs» still walks among us, and we ourselves from them. So we open this column to reports from the place of their residence.

Mental dinosaurs sit in many of us. Era are replaced by much faster than changing our stereotypes.

We present first the General portrait of the beautiful creatures.


First of all «mental dinosaurs» dangerous managerial positions, particularly among the first persons in the organization. The underlying positions, this defect does not produce such a devastating impact on higher levels. And so all small dinozavriki us is simply not interested in.

The main feature of mental dinosaurs» of the first persons of the enterprises, organizations and even commercial companies, banks, corporations is their full and firm confidence that they are not. They all belong to the category of those flexible and focused on the progress in mammals, which survive in the new environment. Well, that or not, will have to them and their immediate environment to determine the truth. And we will present a portrait of «Mental dinosaurs» top level in all their glory.

Our planet is in the beginning of the largest and most significant wave of economic change for a thousand years. This is an era of continuous change and continuous change. It requires managers courage to see reality, the ability to take risks, relaxed attitude to some chaos.


The first characteristic «Mental dinosaurs»: It tries at all costs to avoid mistakes and clings to the ideals of «order» and «effectiveness». He does not like failures and, importantly, does not know how to pull out the benefits. He is not able to rejoice difficulties, confusion, and which are the key to innovation. He is a passionate admirer of peace and clarity. He is on the words scolds bureaucracy, and actually developing it.

What's bad, you say? Nothing bad, but good no more. It is the policy of the ostrich. This style encourages execution and submission. And it will inevitably lead to a state of wetlands and the undermining of their organization. Century walled castles and ditches passed. Came the era of speed and surprise. And in this age, all these qualities are a powerful brake. This time is too fast, so that you can hang on the nail their sustainable advantage. Requires quickness and agility. If all play attacking football, and are you still in a defensive, you will lose.


Kevin Kelly, author of «Out of control» says: «the Secret of quick success in our time lies in the inefficiency, fast, brutal and numerous failures.» Tom Peters, the guru № 1 in management continues: «If everything goes as it should, so there is nothing new. This is the law of nature. The secret of success is defeat. The secret of quick success - quick loss. The secret to a great success with a great slaughter.»


Defeat, and no success makes the world go round. Because the cancer usually means that someone has moved beyond the comfort zone and tried something new... and lost... and have learned from this useful lessons.

But mental dinosaurs any price to avoid failures and associated disorders. They are concerned how to improve something and do a little bit better. Improving Dilizhans, you can get the perfect coach, but first-class car - barely. (Ed. De Bono) And this makes them doomed. Everything happens so quickly that patching up fails.

Only real players, takes hold crazy idea that, if successful, change the world, have a chance of survival in this world rapid.

While many of these daredevils will burn in the fire, but on the other hand, those few who stand will lead us to the era of the true reincarnation.

Mental dinosaurs appreciate constancy and strive for conservation.

You need to beware of lovers order lovers rules righteous existence.

The second characteristic of «Mental dinosaur»: They think is still physical assets of your company. All that you touch, weigh, sniff (although money does not smell), is the object of their attention.

But the main capital currently is the value of human potential of company, brand, customer loyalty this company. All this cannot be seen, to weigh, but you can feel. Welcome to a world where values are in intangible assets.


Favorite phrase mental dinosaurs that better than any mines «shoot» new ideas and projects.

1. We never did it before.
2. Yes it still does not work.
3. We can't waste time.
4. We already tried to do so.
5. We are not ready for it yet.
6. In theory this may be good, but in fact...
7. Well, it's too unusual.
8. I heard somewhere that someone has already tried it.
9. Let's discuss it another time.
10. You don't understand the real problems that we face.
11. To such we have not yet matured.
12. We currently the excess supply.
13. This will not work.
14. Let's create a Commission, and she then let understands.

All harmful stereotypes, turning us into a mental dinosaurs appear on all levels, from business to consumer.


The third characteristic «mental dinosaur»: They separate themselves from the team. He is the commander, and the rest of the squad, following a commander. They care little about the development of each team member and the team as a whole.

Than 20 employees of the sales Department differ from 20 members sports supercomoda? Nothing! In a great team even supporting players are the best in the business. Who and what hinder the leader to pick the best team for their units? But for this he needs to be like coach sports teams of the Supreme League. And this and prevent habits formed command, instead of developing people.

New times are changing status and authority of the government, making people independent from it. At present, the departments and their heads remind the warring principalities, sitting in their functional towers. And it suits «mental dinosaurs. But time requires that warring princes and princesses filled the ditches and began to brutalise each other, opened channels organizational communication and as a team began work together to solve a common task. A hindrance to such fraternization is the Director, if he «mental dinosaur.»

Why do people do the shopping?
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Why do people do the shopping? Actually only two reasons:

  1. To get pleasure from the new goods, services or process itself.
  2. To help with the purchase to solve some of their problems.

Lord sellers! As it is simple - if you can satisfy any one of these two requirements, you will make a sale. From this moment You will be the BUYER. The formula is simple - «to Give the Customer What He wants.» As Santa Claus! In theory everything is simple and clear. BUT! How to know what does He want? The times when clients need Everything you Can Get, unfortunately for sellers - passed.


It is no longer sufficient to «throw away» the goods on the shelves in order bought it. Now the Client has changed saturated with supplies, gorged advertising and slogans like: «Come - buy!» spoiled by choice, and has the opportunity to compare the quality of the RELATIONSHIP TO YOURSELF! Moreover, the latter is often not in favor of many sellers of our post-Soviet space. And is pointless to entertain the hope that through the games with prices for the modern trader can survive in conditions of severe competition. In some cases as possible: if you, for example, the product itself that neither eat necessities. Or your target segment - oriented price criterion (by a principle - the cheaper the better).


And if not? And if what you trade is not an essential commodity (or even second) - then what? If your Customer is the one who says «he's got money to burn», «can afford», «as cheese in butter rolls,» and so on?

Statistics says that those of us not less than 10% of the total number of citizens living including in the glorious city of N-NEC. And if we take into account an increasing number of citizens that SHOPPERS may be still and can't afford to buy immediately apartment or car, but expensive equipment, clothing, food and beverages is very even. How many boutiques, salons, offices and supermarkets are opened and offers currently focused on this, solvent VIP category of citizens! Even at the most elementary calculation can understand that competition and the struggle for this target segment is the most severe. Let me ask you - what you need such To the client?


And what is interesting - according to the site http://www.gotti.ru/ in one of the branches of the Moscow retail network in 2004, Novosibirsk clothing of large sizes, a poll was conducted among buyers. To the question: «Why did You choose our stores?» 92% of respondents noted a large dressing cabins, 67% spacious trading rooms, 76% of friendly and qualified staff. To the question, what would You, what would we have done in our stores, 70% of respondents noted - installation of air conditioning systems, 48% of the organization of customized service on the figure and only 18% were in favor of decreasing prices on clothing.


As you can see, nowadays, when the competition became a reality, the clients need comfort when shopping, skills and attitudes staff, the availability of additional services and the price factor is removed on the last place.


And if there are additional services still more or less understand you can, what does the COMFORT and facilities? How to measure, how comfortable to the Client in our salon, boutique, shop? What should be the attitude of the staff? Naegate hackneyed phrase: «can I help You?» does not cause nothing but already the same typical response: «Thank you, I look myself!». Well not take this speech module on the Russian open spaces. I do not want our people to feel helpless! And in all the books of sales we already wrote that the Western «What can I help you?» has nothing in common with mental his Russian translation! What to do with all that? How to work? Yes, by the way, concerning staff qualifications. With it at all hard. Often the requirements to the qualification ends on the fact that the seller knew range, had work experience (read - could use a cash register and primary documents). The seller, which at the same time still able to influence the sale - all in gold.


What is the impact on the market? The answer is simple - remember the joke when man came into the store for a little thing for his woman, and, after talking with the seller, took with a half Department for anglers. Why? But because the seller was able to Give the Client What they Need! As Santa Claus! The reason purchase - №2 (see above) is a solution of the Client. In this case, is an interesting alternative aimless pastime.


But! Agree that such sellers are found not at every step. And if to speak about the qualifications of those sellers who deal VIP sales, it is actually a special case. To learn how to influence VIP-sale - need not only to have appropriate sales techniques, but learn to understand the VIP customer. Very often the first barrier on the way of communication with a VIP client to become the failure of the seller to understand the needs of such buyer. And really - well, why, pray tell, to buy a vacuum cleaner for 2 000 dollars? Or suit for 50 000 rubles? Or boots for 17 000 of roubles?


Many vendors that sell these goods, it is my to buy this even in my thoughts! The question now owners of the business (salons, stores, boutiques, etc. see above) - imagine that with all the huge costs of the interior, equipment, goods etc - You incur huge losses in the form of lost profits only because of this very qualification sellers! In the best - sellers are working on a «help Desk». At worst (and what often happens is just «shoot» Clients phrases like: «I don't know!» «First, decide!» «The girl! You don't take your size! This You smallabout will be!» and other such Or such a great answer to the question: «how Much?» as: «It's expensive!».


So why do people do the shopping?

If to say about the pleasure that the Buyer will receive from the thing itself - that there is logic. Well, actually, nowadays you can find something that will satisfy you. Thank God, the shortage of quality goods - this is already a sign of the last epoch. But that's about the fun in the process - the question. What to do? The eternal Russian question. But knowing why people make purchases (that is to have fun and to solve problems), the answer is: to SURPRISE customers with quality service, to meet Customer expectations, to CREATE the atmosphere and MANAGE - color, smells, light, polite staff, all this is of great value and evaluated by the Client.

With it the more, the higher category price of the product or service offered to the Client.

And finally: «Consumers don't make up stories about your company. You have to create them yourself, buyers simply regurgitate. How and what about you tell all depends on you»

(J.. Gitomer, «customer Satisfaction is nothing, loyalty - all»)

This sweet word "control"
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«I have underpaid staff, they are not independent, unenterprising, and never do anything at the time - all at the last moment,» complained the head of the sales Department.

« Yes, the personnel issue is now in the main, the people that live there are practically no» - confirms the thought of his colleague.


This dialogue is reproduced with stubborn persistence at each seminar on management of sales Department. I just remember a symbolic illustration: the index finger angrily points to slow employee, but three fingers to show in the opposite direction on narodowego head. The inscription to the picture asks: « Who was aimed who controlled who motivated?» And in the end who does this employee? In Russia people say what is pop, so is the arrival. So the responsibility is shared between the contractor, who is performing the responsibility and leader who bear the main responsibility for the realization of ambitious plans.

I'm not about what we need urgently to burden ourselves with guilt, it is unnecessary. Moreover, it is proved by science that the guilt not only slows down the processes of thinking, but also affect the selectivity of information perception. As the head of sales Department is a fighter, with a good response and a huge creative potential, and I am not talking about the speed of thought.


Then why the air is shocking? In fact, that is my deep conviction that the head is a profession, a profession should be developed. They say, the basic tasks of the Manager to inspire and limit. Therefore control is one of the most important professional services Manager.

Once it so happened that with the concept of control we are associated with negative emotions. When the training is to ask you to draw the image control, in most cases popping stereotypes of retribution, fear expectations, sarcasm, destruction relations.

Want to bring you in school. Certainly there have been with you when you stubbornly was preparing homework, it was difficult, but you come to school prepared in anticipation of the praise for their dedication and creativity, and you were not asked. The teacher just forgot to check homework, spun around, plans changed. Remember the frustration or even anger? I can remember. It was a shame to his efforts. Now it happens that it does not control, and its absence causes negative emotions.

Why control is the catch? Control is obtaining information on the execution of the order and according to the quality standard. Is the only thing that is controlled, i.e. only what the Manager displays interest.


Want to share a collection of typical errors and delusions of control, encountered in their practice, in the literature, which were shared by colleagues at seminars.


· The determination of what should be monitored, are not taken into account the strategic goals of the company. For example is controlled only by the volume of orders, and not the specifics of the client base, its content, the segmentation.

· Control is limited to incidents. Remembered beeped-controlled.

· Total control. Such control, generates negligence in execution. Still hedged, will find something to complain about. This frees employees from its own responsibility for the final result.

· Monitoring is carried out only «output», i.e. when it is already too late to correct something, we can conclude ruined the plan and loss of clients.

· Finding bugs for the chef is a confirmation of their own competence and expertise. And if it doesn't find one, then angry truly, suspects the trick. It is better to withstand the emotional spanking pleased with himself boss thinks prudent employee than « get " in the zone suspicions»

· Control hidden, secret, which consists in monitoring the fact that you haven't done it before accent. Nothing but frustration at the employee does not cause. Secret passion of the head, Hobbies investigation, but not management tool

· Controlled only favorite site. Staff quickly learn that checks and what not. The most « competent» make mistakes in the right place, so something else has not got in sight. Pleased with himself the leader will indicate a pair, three of the error, and the rest will go unnoticed.

· Is controlled mainly quantity, not quality, that it's easier to count all and appreciate. For example, the struggle for standards begins with struggle with delay. Often it ends, but could add more attention to the appearance of the employee.

· The Manager believes control is not comfortable and not bother themselves to this onerous task. Cares more about the emotional state of the team rather than about the results of professional activity.

· Control is not used as a means attention to the achievements of the employees. Announced only punctures, it is not considered necessary to inform about the positive results, as it is self-evident result, rejoice nothing, it's just a job. « They catch errors , and no success.

· Based control lies distrust of loyalty and abilities of the employee. Unless he can do something good? People flock, they need to manage a lash.

· Control of non-objective, there is no clear meter quality procedures and standards of performance.

· Control silent. Employee don't ask dialogue and feedback. Many will know soon to grow old.

· Control is not part of the system of business development, it is used as a tool of the system of punishment and reward employees.

· ...


The ellipsis as the list can be extended each. thinking about your individual taste.


It's time to go from «who is to blame» besides, «what to do with it.»


· First, to understand the role of control in the list of the main tasks of the head. Control only functions that cannot be delegated completely.

· To give themselves the authority to control.

· To determine the strategic picture of the future and to search for the measures to achieve it. As you will realize that you come back to where you wanted to.

· Not to enter into temptation, describe the monitoring procedures. Why, who, when, how will monitor employee and performance standards. If there is no standard, you must create them.

· To determine the rules of delivering feedback. The emphasis is not to blame, but what it will do. Because only a Mature personality and a strong company can deal with negative feedback and consider errors resource for improvement.

· Initiate the contractor's responsibility for the correction of one's mistakes. « Do not feed the fish, and teach you how to make a fishing rod.

· To start the hunt for your employees.

· Enjoy a taste of success, your personal and professional growth. You become more competent at one stage as a leader.

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The other day I had to attend a meeting of the exhibitors of the exhibition «Training - 2004». The meeting was held in exotic interiors of the club «Karaoke-Boom». Good music, the smell of coffee, colored lighting created a festive atmosphere. Nothing foretold the appearance of the vampires. But they appeared. Appeared, even though they were not called. Appeared, although they were not expecting. They appeared behind the lead, when she welcomed the participants. It was difficult for her to make eye contact with the audience. Indeed, many could not tear my eyes away from the vampires. Vampires devoured one party after another. Mainly men. I escaped with difficulty.

The language of communication experts, vampires are called objects, distracting the attention of the audience. Behind the speakers on the big screen without sound went clips little-known singer. Vocal so it remains a mystery, but the outer left no secrets. In one of the clips of them she was floating in the tub and dressed and got up at obligate clothes. In another it was presented to us in the supermini and rubbed clear my ass on the front of the pants Negroes from backup, in the third... and so on. From time to time the hall was crossing a busy DJ in a baseball cap. Like any moving object he caused a reflex movement of our pupils, who accompanied him to the place of work. The waitress went Cup of aromatic coffee, followed our noses. And noses can't move without causing rotate in the same direction and our eyes and our ears. As a result, in the bowels of the public lost rubricator, which blew on his hands to put in the right place tick. Someone from the audience listened and put it into her bag. After the meeting, the part of the participants were asking questions that have already been discussed. I noticed that something was missing. Vampires! This is it! I recognize them immediately. But they are stronger than me and eat my attention, as I try to resist them.

To resist them so hard that they are taking advantage of the many. Even in Chinese stratagem describes the reception, which is called, if I am not mistaken, «Put near the peach." The parable says that monkey, long time watching the game of the gods in chess, learned too divine to play. She won in the matches among the people. No one could overcome it. And only the wise man, wishing to show the superiority of human intelligence over the monkey, used vampiric object. He put on the dish a few ripe, large peaches, which so love to eat monkeys. During the party, our distant relative could not concentrate. The sight of her and then went to the side dishes. She lost the game and it was executed. The message of this parable was used, politicians, generals, magicians, and us mere mortals. Sometimes for the good, sometimes to the detriment. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes by accident.

You are probably recalled cases, witnesses or participants of which were. And I will not soon forget this story aired on all TV channels, which is behind the Bush outstanding long speeches about the importance of the American people to world civilization yawned fat boy in the yellow Jersey. He yawned so hard that he almost broke his mouth. And Bush could not understand why the listeners smile at the moment when the person should Express their concerns, mixed with a proud mission recognition. The boy was a vampire.

During the presentation, the head of the company has not asked to repay the projector and the screen for 40 minutes burned the name of his predecessor with his phone number and email address. The screen was a vampire. Part of the audience attention was given to him. And when what we see is not consistent with what we hear, we trust what we see. Not without reason speak, that it is better to see once, than hundred times to hear. It is not surprising that in the second half of the speakers asked for the name that was on the slide, although in the beginning he said his name.

During your speech in the Presidium sitting talking. They say softly, twirl heads and move my arms. You notice that your eyes sitting in the hall not focused on you. You know - the Presidium of the vampires.

Do not give them a chance! Beware the public from them. Untick from the field of view, everything that is NOT connected with your speech. Turn off the screen whenever you want to focus on your words. Do not take in assistants girls with legs, Breasts and eyes (to violate this rule are allowed only to prestidigitator). Eliminate the habit of functionally disabled to move her hands. Avoid walking through the hall. If there were irreparable, use the reception «Legitimize sabotage».

Suppose we brilliantly had prepared to the concert. Ironed suit and in the hall of benevolent audience. We even did exercise for overcoming nervousness, and our heart rate compatible with life. Nothing portends trouble. But... does this Mean that everything goes smoothly? Not at all. Always possible that something that will destroy the fruits of our labor. This is WHAT prevents us to fully relax. Because no one knows if it will happen SOMETHING, and if there is, what it will be. The shout from the audience dissatisfied with the listener. Turn off the light. The refusal of the sound system. The appearance in the hall touching-kitten vampire, who will draw all attention to himself...... SOMETHING!

And there is no answer to the question of how to proceed. Because it is impossible to foresee all possible SOMETHING. How to be? There is a universal way. Accident, breaking the usual and rehearsed the course of events in the language of professional communication, called sabotage. It so happens that we ourselves create a diversion that had not checked the microphone, angered the public, drank too much coffee in the morning... And there sabotage taking place arbitrarily. And both of those can be legalized. It robs them of their power. They cease to be sabotage.

Nicholas II loved to smoke. Especially after meals. But Smoking in the presence of members of the Royal family prohibited by law. And does anyone have to ask permission, because it can monarch in the presence of many important persons to inquire about opportunities to smoke of the heir or wife, that the lower status. Quit Smoking and to starve on Malakhov? That was not our Emperor! He legalized the violation and it ceased to be a violation. Every time after dessert, the Emperor was folding the napkin and aloud: «Lord, it is possible to smoke». This permission is applied only to himself, for the young heir, or daughters of the Emperor, nor wife, nor governess, nor, especially, the footman, was not in the habit to smoke in the dining room. After receiving it, Mykola lit. They say that he is even, sneeringly, lit a second cigarette from the first and prolonged pleasure. Sheep are safe. The wolves are well fed.

In Novosibirsk, when I conducted the training, the window appeared-cleaner glasses. He was hanging on the ropes and carefully cleaning the window. Of course, all eyes participants turned on him. It was useless to try to divert attention to myself. Useless! I had to draw the attention of participants to a cleaner glass and in this example, to tell about how moving objects attract attention. They need to know and do the speaker on this basis. At the same time told about admission «to Legalize the sabotage, which tell you now.

If there is a diversion during your speech, calmly discuss what is happening with the participants. The main thing is not to pretend that nothing happened. You yourself know that the lack cease to notice if it is emphasized, it is best to hide money in a prominent place. Easier just to make you not notice a vampire to pay attention to it. If this fails - declare break that, «right now and planned use saboteur, as an example, rib, that you have agreed in advance. The rest I leave to your imagination, ingenuity and common sense.