The zoo «mental dinosaurs»


In total the change in the social and economic climate in our country is large and clumsy, important and arrogant large enterprises have failed to adapt and most of them are extinct or extinct. And small, flexible and simple cooperators, entrepreneurs, businessmen survived and some have even become oligarchs.


But extinction is gradually its course. Many mental dinosaurs» still walks among us, and we ourselves from them. So we open this column to reports from the place of their residence.

Mental dinosaurs sit in many of us. Era are replaced by much faster than changing our stereotypes.

We present first the General portrait of the beautiful creatures.


First of all «mental dinosaurs» dangerous managerial positions, particularly among the first persons in the organization. The underlying positions, this defect does not produce such a devastating impact on higher levels. And so all small dinozavriki us is simply not interested in.

The main feature of mental dinosaurs» of the first persons of the enterprises, organizations and even commercial companies, banks, corporations is their full and firm confidence that they are not. They all belong to the category of those flexible and focused on the progress in mammals, which survive in the new environment. Well, that or not, will have to them and their immediate environment to determine the truth. And we will present a portrait of «Mental dinosaurs» top level in all their glory.

Our planet is in the beginning of the largest and most significant wave of economic change for a thousand years. This is an era of continuous change and continuous change. It requires managers courage to see reality, the ability to take risks, relaxed attitude to some chaos.


The first characteristic «Mental dinosaurs»: It tries at all costs to avoid mistakes and clings to the ideals of «order» and «effectiveness». He does not like failures and, importantly, does not know how to pull out the benefits. He is not able to rejoice difficulties, confusion, and which are the key to innovation. He is a passionate admirer of peace and clarity. He is on the words scolds bureaucracy, and actually developing it.

What's bad, you say? Nothing bad, but good no more. It is the policy of the ostrich. This style encourages execution and submission. And it will inevitably lead to a state of wetlands and the undermining of their organization. Century walled castles and ditches passed. Came the era of speed and surprise. And in this age, all these qualities are a powerful brake. This time is too fast, so that you can hang on the nail their sustainable advantage. Requires quickness and agility. If all play attacking football, and are you still in a defensive, you will lose.


Kevin Kelly, author of «Out of control» says: «the Secret of quick success in our time lies in the inefficiency, fast, brutal and numerous failures.» Tom Peters, the guru № 1 in management continues: «If everything goes as it should, so there is nothing new. This is the law of nature. The secret of success is defeat. The secret of quick success - quick loss. The secret to a great success with a great slaughter.»


Defeat, and no success makes the world go round. Because the cancer usually means that someone has moved beyond the comfort zone and tried something new... and lost... and have learned from this useful lessons.

But mental dinosaurs any price to avoid failures and associated disorders. They are concerned how to improve something and do a little bit better. Improving Dilizhans, you can get the perfect coach, but first-class car - barely. (Ed. De Bono) And this makes them doomed. Everything happens so quickly that patching up fails.

Only real players, takes hold crazy idea that, if successful, change the world, have a chance of survival in this world rapid.

While many of these daredevils will burn in the fire, but on the other hand, those few who stand will lead us to the era of the true reincarnation.

Mental dinosaurs appreciate constancy and strive for conservation.

You need to beware of lovers order lovers rules righteous existence.

The second characteristic of «Mental dinosaur»: They think is still physical assets of your company. All that you touch, weigh, sniff (although money does not smell), is the object of their attention.

But the main capital currently is the value of human potential of company, brand, customer loyalty this company. All this cannot be seen, to weigh, but you can feel. Welcome to a world where values are in intangible assets.


Favorite phrase mental dinosaurs that better than any mines «shoot» new ideas and projects.

1. We never did it before.
2. Yes it still does not work.
3. We can't waste time.
4. We already tried to do so.
5. We are not ready for it yet.
6. In theory this may be good, but in fact...
7. Well, it's too unusual.
8. I heard somewhere that someone has already tried it.
9. Let's discuss it another time.
10. You don't understand the real problems that we face.
11. To such we have not yet matured.
12. We currently the excess supply.
13. This will not work.
14. Let's create a Commission, and she then let understands.

All harmful stereotypes, turning us into a mental dinosaurs appear on all levels, from business to consumer.


The third characteristic «mental dinosaur»: They separate themselves from the team. He is the commander, and the rest of the squad, following a commander. They care little about the development of each team member and the team as a whole.

Than 20 employees of the sales Department differ from 20 members sports supercomoda? Nothing! In a great team even supporting players are the best in the business. Who and what hinder the leader to pick the best team for their units? But for this he needs to be like coach sports teams of the Supreme League. And this and prevent habits formed command, instead of developing people.

New times are changing status and authority of the government, making people independent from it. At present, the departments and their heads remind the warring principalities, sitting in their functional towers. And it suits «mental dinosaurs. But time requires that warring princes and princesses filled the ditches and began to brutalise each other, opened channels organizational communication and as a team began work together to solve a common task. A hindrance to such fraternization is the Director, if he «mental dinosaur.»

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