Why do people do the shopping?


Why do people do the shopping? Actually only two reasons:

  1. To get pleasure from the new goods, services or process itself.
  2. To help with the purchase to solve some of their problems.

Lord sellers! As it is simple - if you can satisfy any one of these two requirements, you will make a sale. From this moment You will be the BUYER. The formula is simple - «to Give the Customer What He wants.» As Santa Claus! In theory everything is simple and clear. BUT! How to know what does He want? The times when clients need Everything you Can Get, unfortunately for sellers - passed.


It is no longer sufficient to «throw away» the goods on the shelves in order bought it. Now the Client has changed saturated with supplies, gorged advertising and slogans like: «Come - buy!» spoiled by choice, and has the opportunity to compare the quality of the RELATIONSHIP TO YOURSELF! Moreover, the latter is often not in favor of many sellers of our post-Soviet space. And is pointless to entertain the hope that through the games with prices for the modern trader can survive in conditions of severe competition. In some cases as possible: if you, for example, the product itself that neither eat necessities. Or your target segment - oriented price criterion (by a principle - the cheaper the better).


And if not? And if what you trade is not an essential commodity (or even second) - then what? If your Customer is the one who says «he's got money to burn», «can afford», «as cheese in butter rolls,» and so on?

Statistics says that those of us not less than 10% of the total number of citizens living including in the glorious city of N-NEC. And if we take into account an increasing number of citizens that SHOPPERS may be still and can't afford to buy immediately apartment or car, but expensive equipment, clothing, food and beverages is very even. How many boutiques, salons, offices and supermarkets are opened and offers currently focused on this, solvent VIP category of citizens! Even at the most elementary calculation can understand that competition and the struggle for this target segment is the most severe. Let me ask you - what you need such To the client?


And what is interesting - according to the site http://www.gotti.ru/ in one of the branches of the Moscow retail network in 2004, Novosibirsk clothing of large sizes, a poll was conducted among buyers. To the question: «Why did You choose our stores?» 92% of respondents noted a large dressing cabins, 67% spacious trading rooms, 76% of friendly and qualified staff. To the question, what would You, what would we have done in our stores, 70% of respondents noted - installation of air conditioning systems, 48% of the organization of customized service on the figure and only 18% were in favor of decreasing prices on clothing.


As you can see, nowadays, when the competition became a reality, the clients need comfort when shopping, skills and attitudes staff, the availability of additional services and the price factor is removed on the last place.


And if there are additional services still more or less understand you can, what does the COMFORT and facilities? How to measure, how comfortable to the Client in our salon, boutique, shop? What should be the attitude of the staff? Naegate hackneyed phrase: «can I help You?» does not cause nothing but already the same typical response: «Thank you, I look myself!». Well not take this speech module on the Russian open spaces. I do not want our people to feel helpless! And in all the books of sales we already wrote that the Western «What can I help you?» has nothing in common with mental his Russian translation! What to do with all that? How to work? Yes, by the way, concerning staff qualifications. With it at all hard. Often the requirements to the qualification ends on the fact that the seller knew range, had work experience (read - could use a cash register and primary documents). The seller, which at the same time still able to influence the sale - all in gold.


What is the impact on the market? The answer is simple - remember the joke when man came into the store for a little thing for his woman, and, after talking with the seller, took with a half Department for anglers. Why? But because the seller was able to Give the Client What they Need! As Santa Claus! The reason purchase - №2 (see above) is a solution of the Client. In this case, is an interesting alternative aimless pastime.


But! Agree that such sellers are found not at every step. And if to speak about the qualifications of those sellers who deal VIP sales, it is actually a special case. To learn how to influence VIP-sale - need not only to have appropriate sales techniques, but learn to understand the VIP customer. Very often the first barrier on the way of communication with a VIP client to become the failure of the seller to understand the needs of such buyer. And really - well, why, pray tell, to buy a vacuum cleaner for 2 000 dollars? Or suit for 50 000 rubles? Or boots for 17 000 of roubles?


Many vendors that sell these goods, it is my to buy this even in my thoughts! The question now owners of the business (salons, stores, boutiques, etc. see above) - imagine that with all the huge costs of the interior, equipment, goods etc - You incur huge losses in the form of lost profits only because of this very qualification sellers! In the best - sellers are working on a «help Desk». At worst (and what often happens is just «shoot» Clients phrases like: «I don't know!» «First, decide!» «The girl! You don't take your size! This You smallabout will be!» and other such Or such a great answer to the question: «how Much?» as: «It's expensive!».


So why do people do the shopping?

If to say about the pleasure that the Buyer will receive from the thing itself - that there is logic. Well, actually, nowadays you can find something that will satisfy you. Thank God, the shortage of quality goods - this is already a sign of the last epoch. But that's about the fun in the process - the question. What to do? The eternal Russian question. But knowing why people make purchases (that is to have fun and to solve problems), the answer is: to SURPRISE customers with quality service, to meet Customer expectations, to CREATE the atmosphere and MANAGE - color, smells, light, polite staff, all this is of great value and evaluated by the Client.

With it the more, the higher category price of the product or service offered to the Client.

And finally: «Consumers don't make up stories about your company. You have to create them yourself, buyers simply regurgitate. How and what about you tell all depends on you»

(J.. Gitomer, «customer Satisfaction is nothing, loyalty - all»)

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