This sweet word "control"


«I have underpaid staff, they are not independent, unenterprising, and never do anything at the time - all at the last moment,» complained the head of the sales Department.

« Yes, the personnel issue is now in the main, the people that live there are practically no» - confirms the thought of his colleague.


This dialogue is reproduced with stubborn persistence at each seminar on management of sales Department. I just remember a symbolic illustration: the index finger angrily points to slow employee, but three fingers to show in the opposite direction on narodowego head. The inscription to the picture asks: « Who was aimed who controlled who motivated?» And in the end who does this employee? In Russia people say what is pop, so is the arrival. So the responsibility is shared between the contractor, who is performing the responsibility and leader who bear the main responsibility for the realization of ambitious plans.

I'm not about what we need urgently to burden ourselves with guilt, it is unnecessary. Moreover, it is proved by science that the guilt not only slows down the processes of thinking, but also affect the selectivity of information perception. As the head of sales Department is a fighter, with a good response and a huge creative potential, and I am not talking about the speed of thought.


Then why the air is shocking? In fact, that is my deep conviction that the head is a profession, a profession should be developed. They say, the basic tasks of the Manager to inspire and limit. Therefore control is one of the most important professional services Manager.

Once it so happened that with the concept of control we are associated with negative emotions. When the training is to ask you to draw the image control, in most cases popping stereotypes of retribution, fear expectations, sarcasm, destruction relations.

Want to bring you in school. Certainly there have been with you when you stubbornly was preparing homework, it was difficult, but you come to school prepared in anticipation of the praise for their dedication and creativity, and you were not asked. The teacher just forgot to check homework, spun around, plans changed. Remember the frustration or even anger? I can remember. It was a shame to his efforts. Now it happens that it does not control, and its absence causes negative emotions.

Why control is the catch? Control is obtaining information on the execution of the order and according to the quality standard. Is the only thing that is controlled, i.e. only what the Manager displays interest.


Want to share a collection of typical errors and delusions of control, encountered in their practice, in the literature, which were shared by colleagues at seminars.


· The determination of what should be monitored, are not taken into account the strategic goals of the company. For example is controlled only by the volume of orders, and not the specifics of the client base, its content, the segmentation.

· Control is limited to incidents. Remembered beeped-controlled.

· Total control. Such control, generates negligence in execution. Still hedged, will find something to complain about. This frees employees from its own responsibility for the final result.

· Monitoring is carried out only «output», i.e. when it is already too late to correct something, we can conclude ruined the plan and loss of clients.

· Finding bugs for the chef is a confirmation of their own competence and expertise. And if it doesn't find one, then angry truly, suspects the trick. It is better to withstand the emotional spanking pleased with himself boss thinks prudent employee than « get " in the zone suspicions»

· Control hidden, secret, which consists in monitoring the fact that you haven't done it before accent. Nothing but frustration at the employee does not cause. Secret passion of the head, Hobbies investigation, but not management tool

· Controlled only favorite site. Staff quickly learn that checks and what not. The most « competent» make mistakes in the right place, so something else has not got in sight. Pleased with himself the leader will indicate a pair, three of the error, and the rest will go unnoticed.

· Is controlled mainly quantity, not quality, that it's easier to count all and appreciate. For example, the struggle for standards begins with struggle with delay. Often it ends, but could add more attention to the appearance of the employee.

· The Manager believes control is not comfortable and not bother themselves to this onerous task. Cares more about the emotional state of the team rather than about the results of professional activity.

· Control is not used as a means attention to the achievements of the employees. Announced only punctures, it is not considered necessary to inform about the positive results, as it is self-evident result, rejoice nothing, it's just a job. « They catch errors , and no success.

· Based control lies distrust of loyalty and abilities of the employee. Unless he can do something good? People flock, they need to manage a lash.

· Control of non-objective, there is no clear meter quality procedures and standards of performance.

· Control silent. Employee don't ask dialogue and feedback. Many will know soon to grow old.

· Control is not part of the system of business development, it is used as a tool of the system of punishment and reward employees.

· ...


The ellipsis as the list can be extended each. thinking about your individual taste.


It's time to go from «who is to blame» besides, «what to do with it.»


· First, to understand the role of control in the list of the main tasks of the head. Control only functions that cannot be delegated completely.

· To give themselves the authority to control.

· To determine the strategic picture of the future and to search for the measures to achieve it. As you will realize that you come back to where you wanted to.

· Not to enter into temptation, describe the monitoring procedures. Why, who, when, how will monitor employee and performance standards. If there is no standard, you must create them.

· To determine the rules of delivering feedback. The emphasis is not to blame, but what it will do. Because only a Mature personality and a strong company can deal with negative feedback and consider errors resource for improvement.

· Initiate the contractor's responsibility for the correction of one's mistakes. « Do not feed the fish, and teach you how to make a fishing rod.

· To start the hunt for your employees.

· Enjoy a taste of success, your personal and professional growth. You become more competent at one stage as a leader.

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