The other day I had to attend a meeting of the exhibitors of the exhibition «Training - 2004». The meeting was held in exotic interiors of the club «Karaoke-Boom». Good music, the smell of coffee, colored lighting created a festive atmosphere. Nothing foretold the appearance of the vampires. But they appeared. Appeared, even though they were not called. Appeared, although they were not expecting. They appeared behind the lead, when she welcomed the participants. It was difficult for her to make eye contact with the audience. Indeed, many could not tear my eyes away from the vampires. Vampires devoured one party after another. Mainly men. I escaped with difficulty.

The language of communication experts, vampires are called objects, distracting the attention of the audience. Behind the speakers on the big screen without sound went clips little-known singer. Vocal so it remains a mystery, but the outer left no secrets. In one of the clips of them she was floating in the tub and dressed and got up at obligate clothes. In another it was presented to us in the supermini and rubbed clear my ass on the front of the pants Negroes from backup, in the third... and so on. From time to time the hall was crossing a busy DJ in a baseball cap. Like any moving object he caused a reflex movement of our pupils, who accompanied him to the place of work. The waitress went Cup of aromatic coffee, followed our noses. And noses can't move without causing rotate in the same direction and our eyes and our ears. As a result, in the bowels of the public lost rubricator, which blew on his hands to put in the right place tick. Someone from the audience listened and put it into her bag. After the meeting, the part of the participants were asking questions that have already been discussed. I noticed that something was missing. Vampires! This is it! I recognize them immediately. But they are stronger than me and eat my attention, as I try to resist them.

To resist them so hard that they are taking advantage of the many. Even in Chinese stratagem describes the reception, which is called, if I am not mistaken, «Put near the peach." The parable says that monkey, long time watching the game of the gods in chess, learned too divine to play. She won in the matches among the people. No one could overcome it. And only the wise man, wishing to show the superiority of human intelligence over the monkey, used vampiric object. He put on the dish a few ripe, large peaches, which so love to eat monkeys. During the party, our distant relative could not concentrate. The sight of her and then went to the side dishes. She lost the game and it was executed. The message of this parable was used, politicians, generals, magicians, and us mere mortals. Sometimes for the good, sometimes to the detriment. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes by accident.

You are probably recalled cases, witnesses or participants of which were. And I will not soon forget this story aired on all TV channels, which is behind the Bush outstanding long speeches about the importance of the American people to world civilization yawned fat boy in the yellow Jersey. He yawned so hard that he almost broke his mouth. And Bush could not understand why the listeners smile at the moment when the person should Express their concerns, mixed with a proud mission recognition. The boy was a vampire.

During the presentation, the head of the company has not asked to repay the projector and the screen for 40 minutes burned the name of his predecessor with his phone number and email address. The screen was a vampire. Part of the audience attention was given to him. And when what we see is not consistent with what we hear, we trust what we see. Not without reason speak, that it is better to see once, than hundred times to hear. It is not surprising that in the second half of the speakers asked for the name that was on the slide, although in the beginning he said his name.

During your speech in the Presidium sitting talking. They say softly, twirl heads and move my arms. You notice that your eyes sitting in the hall not focused on you. You know - the Presidium of the vampires.

Do not give them a chance! Beware the public from them. Untick from the field of view, everything that is NOT connected with your speech. Turn off the screen whenever you want to focus on your words. Do not take in assistants girls with legs, Breasts and eyes (to violate this rule are allowed only to prestidigitator). Eliminate the habit of functionally disabled to move her hands. Avoid walking through the hall. If there were irreparable, use the reception «Legitimize sabotage».

Suppose we brilliantly had prepared to the concert. Ironed suit and in the hall of benevolent audience. We even did exercise for overcoming nervousness, and our heart rate compatible with life. Nothing portends trouble. But... does this Mean that everything goes smoothly? Not at all. Always possible that something that will destroy the fruits of our labor. This is WHAT prevents us to fully relax. Because no one knows if it will happen SOMETHING, and if there is, what it will be. The shout from the audience dissatisfied with the listener. Turn off the light. The refusal of the sound system. The appearance in the hall touching-kitten vampire, who will draw all attention to himself...... SOMETHING!

And there is no answer to the question of how to proceed. Because it is impossible to foresee all possible SOMETHING. How to be? There is a universal way. Accident, breaking the usual and rehearsed the course of events in the language of professional communication, called sabotage. It so happens that we ourselves create a diversion that had not checked the microphone, angered the public, drank too much coffee in the morning... And there sabotage taking place arbitrarily. And both of those can be legalized. It robs them of their power. They cease to be sabotage.

Nicholas II loved to smoke. Especially after meals. But Smoking in the presence of members of the Royal family prohibited by law. And does anyone have to ask permission, because it can monarch in the presence of many important persons to inquire about opportunities to smoke of the heir or wife, that the lower status. Quit Smoking and to starve on Malakhov? That was not our Emperor! He legalized the violation and it ceased to be a violation. Every time after dessert, the Emperor was folding the napkin and aloud: «Lord, it is possible to smoke». This permission is applied only to himself, for the young heir, or daughters of the Emperor, nor wife, nor governess, nor, especially, the footman, was not in the habit to smoke in the dining room. After receiving it, Mykola lit. They say that he is even, sneeringly, lit a second cigarette from the first and prolonged pleasure. Sheep are safe. The wolves are well fed.

In Novosibirsk, when I conducted the training, the window appeared-cleaner glasses. He was hanging on the ropes and carefully cleaning the window. Of course, all eyes participants turned on him. It was useless to try to divert attention to myself. Useless! I had to draw the attention of participants to a cleaner glass and in this example, to tell about how moving objects attract attention. They need to know and do the speaker on this basis. At the same time told about admission «to Legalize the sabotage, which tell you now.

If there is a diversion during your speech, calmly discuss what is happening with the participants. The main thing is not to pretend that nothing happened. You yourself know that the lack cease to notice if it is emphasized, it is best to hide money in a prominent place. Easier just to make you not notice a vampire to pay attention to it. If this fails - declare break that, «right now and planned use saboteur, as an example, rib, that you have agreed in advance. The rest I leave to your imagination, ingenuity and common sense.

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